Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett or Shaun Wallace and the Keypad Quiz Event:-

An Interactive Keypad Quiz for up to 200 people.  Redtooth presenter hosts the quiz along with quiz celebrity (Mark Labbett or Shaun Wallace)

Timetable (approx and subject to change)

Redtooth arrive approx. 5pm.  Patch into venues’ TV’s and PA system.

6.00pm – set up completed and room available for Mark/Shaun to use. Food & Drinks provided for both presenter and celebrity.

7.15 – 7.30pm VIP meet & greet.

8.00pm – Mark/Shaun meet & greet, plus call out 1 game of bingo.

9.45pm Quiz event commences

11.00pm – Head to Head with Mark/Shaun for winner of quiz.

11.30pm – finish time.